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  Two-Ton Baker

On Piano & Singing

                          Laugh Your Troubles Away!

Who Could Ever Forget Two-Ton Baker Shouting That Slogan?

If you liked Two-Ton like I did, click Here for his BIO, and to listen to his recordings; great fun!


(The following logo is from Chuck Wlodarczyk's complete photo-history book, which contains so much more - great reading!)

World's Largest Amusement Park

Riverview Park - Chicago, IL 

Western and Belmont


Last Updated 08/21/11


08/18/11 Mike Kowal sent me two great links to videos of Riverview from 1948, and 1984.


07/30/11 Vito Iosco sent me an email with a link to The Chicago Tribune Riverview Archives.


Click Here & Here To See 2 YouTube Riverview Videos, Including An Interview With Chuck Wlodarczyk!


Click Here to go to Riverview-Park-History, for a very interesting history writeup.


Click Here to go to the, 'You Might Be From Chicago' page, if you haven't seen it in email; it includes some Riverview stuff.


Disclaimer:  Recently, email about Riverview has been circulating; I'm not intentionally using copywritten material, just

importing what's been circulating.  If someone feels I should remove a reference, I'll be happy to do so; just email me.


First, Let's Look At A Few Frames.

I've Always Had A Love Of Riverview.


I created this 17x21 frame almost 30 years ago!             A few years later, my daughter, Denise, gave me this one.

I bought this poster, and the tickets, at a now               - The price of the BOBS was 35 cents on the big frame,

defunct junk shop in Oak Park.  In the lower left                and, 40 cents on the smaller frame, above -

corner is a genuine Season Pass from 1947, issued

to Louis Cafferata, one of Patt's cousins.


Below is a frame with even older tickets; on this one, the BOBS was 20 cents.



Let's take a walk along the Midway, and remember some of the attractions!

Some of the photos have links to other websites; use your Back button to return here.


This has to be one VERY old postcard - A view that most of us never saw.


As you entered the main gate, the Carousel (Merry-Go-Round, as we called it) was ahead, and to the left.

Click Here to go to Amusement Park History, for even more links - This carousel is now at SFOG - Six Flags Over Georgia


A View Of The Riverview Midway

Notice the famous Banjo Lights that lit the park after dark; in the background are the Shoot The Chutes, and the top of the Pair-O-Chutes


Let's See Some Of Riverview's Fabulous Rides!


Who Could Forget The BOBS - The Best Wooden Coaster, Bar None!

I wonder if Ken Hauersley remembers the 2 of us riding the BOBS 13 times, non-stop, when Motorola (his Dad worked there) bought the park out?

We had the front seat, and, since you couldn't 'Let's Ride Again', would run down the out ramp, up the in ramp, and jump back in the front seat!


The Entrance To The Silver Flash - Patterned After The Art Deco Zephyr Train!


Here It Is In Action!  Oh, That Climb To The TOP!!!!

The Silver Flash - It Was Originally The Silver Streak


This Photo Speaks For Itself

The Ride Up In The Boat In The Elevator To The Top, Seemed To Take FOREVER!


Ditto For The Ride To The Top Of The Pair-O-Chutes!

Once It Let Go, I'd Breathe A Sigh Of Relief!!!!

212 Feet To The Top; 202 Feet To The Drop Point - What A VIEW Of Chicago!

Also, The Rotor - Lot's Of Spinning Fun As The Floor Dropped Out; and The Gondola Across The Park


Other 'High Rides' As They Were Called, Were The Greyhound, And The Jetstream


The Jetstream - The Caterpillar, Wasn't 'High', But Lots Of Fun, Too!


Last, But Not Least, Who Could Forget Aladdin's Castle!

It Seemed He Was Looking Right At YOU!  With All Those Fun Things Inside Awaiting Us!

Like The Barrel Roll, Not As Easy As It Looks To Get Out Of, Right?


Ba Dee, Ba Dee, Ba Dee, Tha, Tha, That's All Folks!

I Hope You Enjoyed Our Little Trip Down Riverview Memory Lane!

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