Welcome to the Proviso Township High School
Class of 1957 Website!!

Now calm down, the old website is currently in storage and ready to go just as you remember it. But since Ron Hoth's passing it has become necessary to have some changes put in place.

My name is Mike O'Brien from the Proviso East High School Class of 1965 and I agreed to transition his website if anything ever happened to him to a new webmaster and secure the funding for it. I personally renewed the funding two years ago but it's due again this October and I feel that someone else needs to assume control.

To that end I have sent out a few emails asking for a new person to step forrward and webmaster/manage the website and for either that person or the Class of 1957 to fund it. So far I've only gotten 2 replies and neither one felt they could do the webmastering and the other said he would help on the funding. The biggest problem is the webmaster part as nothing has been updated on the website since Ron's passing. Ron used a website authoring program that is not used anymore and the entire website really needs to be overhauled. Some of it can remain but the rest needs to be brought up to date. I will tell you this, there is no other Proviso website in existence today that has such a treasure trove of Proviso history that Ron's website! If for no other reson, it should be preserved somehow.

So here we are; A history of not only the Class of 1957 but that of Proviso itself in jeapordy of disappearing
. It's right here that I need your input and help. Below you will find a survey as to what you feel should happen. If enough respond positivley to support the website then I will start a donation drive. I will be sending out to those email address's that Ron had collected, notification to visit this page of the website and to take the survey. I would also askthat you contact anyone you can think of and get them to visit this page. Here's hopeing that this website can be saved.

Let's talk:

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 I am willing to financially support the website. 
 I am NOT willing to finacially support the website. 
I am willing to take over the webmaster position and assume the financial responsibilities. Here is my email address.
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